The Bard’s Lament

The 5th Coventina Circle Novel

A haunted harp, romantic entanglements, and opposing ideas of the “right” use of magic cause tensions and threats endangering fragile hearts.

Sylvie Nicolson is a florist assistant by day, and a harpist by night. She’s going through her Saturn Return, which means she’s having a difficult time feeling her value in the world. She’s tired of feeling like second best, especially when it comes to sexy Austral-Asian Jared Eckert, who’s constantly surrounded by beautiful women.

A beautiful small harp is the find of a lifetime in a flea market; the way it plays on its own sometimes and entices Sylvie to try different music is intoxicating. She starts wondering if she can weave spells in music. Jared is certainly more interested in her now – or is it only because his friend Antonia is hunting for the harp, claiming it has family significance? Is Jared using her to find the harp?

Jared Eckert has had enough of Manhattan. He’s ready to return to his uncle’s coffee plantation in Australia, or maybe back to Singapore, where he grew up. But the more time he spends with Sylvie, the more drawn he is to her. He can’t understand why Sylvie, usually so kind, doesn’t want to help him find the harp that Antonia seeks across the globe. Could it be because she knows the spirit of a bard is trapped in the harp? Or is the harp weaving a darker spell around her?

Release date: October 2020