The Spirit Repository

The Spirit Repository
The 2nd Coventina Circle Novel

Bonnie Chencko knows books change lives. But she never expected her life to change because she happened to duck into a small bookshop in Greenwich Village on a rainy late November night. She’s attracted to Rufus Van Dijk, the mysterious man who owns the bookshop in his ancestors’ building. A building filled with family ghosts, who are mysteriously disappearing. It’s up to Bonnie and her burgeoning Craft powers to rescue the spirits before their souls are lost forever.

Digital Release May 2018

Print Release TBA
$3.99 Universal Buy Link here.

Additional material will be added, relevant to the book:
New Amsterdam
The Legacy of New York’s Secondhand Bookshops
Ghosts of New York

Before Rufus could question or she could elaborate, the front door opened and banged shut. A gangly young man with short-cropped black hair entered, carrying a large take-out bag. Delicious smells of meat, chicken, onion, melted cheese, and peppers wafted from it. Minerva growled, and the other two cats glared at him. “Hey, the line at the taco place took for damn ever, but at least I got some beers to go along with the food,” he said. He noticed Bonnie. “Oh, hello. I’m sorry, I didn’t know we had company. I’m sure we can make the food stretch.”

“Because you probably don’t need to eat six tacos,” Rufus smiled and shook his head. “Bonnie Chencko, this is Adam Grenowski. Adam, this is Bonnie. She ducked in here to get out of the rain. Adam works with me.”

“Hidden away from the real world and daylight like a vampire,” he agreed cheerfully. “Good thing I’m nocturnal.” He sneezed. “Damn, guess the allergy drugs wore off. Gotta take some more.” He placed the greasy bag on the table and took off his outerwear.

“Adam’s allergic to cats.”

“And dogs and ferrets and all the rest of the critters New Yorkers tend to hoard to keep loneliness at bay,” Adam retorted. “Give me a nice goldfish any day.” He opened a drawer behind the counter, pulled out a packet of pills, and swallowed two without water.

“You work here anyway?” Bonnie asked.

“Hey, a little sneezing never killed anyone.”

“Now, that’s not entirely true,” said Rufus. “Back in –”

“I don’t wanna know, Mr. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Encyclopedia.”

“I better go.” Bonnie placed her cup and saucer on the table.

“You’re welcome to stay,” said Rufus.

“Yeah, sure,” said Adam. “Rufus is right. I really don’t need to eat six tacos. That’s why I ordered two extra enchiladas.”

“No, I need to get home to my dogs,” said Bonnie. She looked at Adam sideways through her lashes. “Hoarded to ward off loneliness.”

“Hey, if there’s a way I can put my foot in my mouth, I will,” said Adam. “Part of my charm.”

Rufus snorted and nearly choked. Adam whacked him between the shoulder blades.

“It was nice to meet both of you, and thank you, Rufus, for the tea.” Bonnie stood up and put on her coat, hat, and gloves.

“You’ll come back, won’t you?” Rufus asked.

Bonnie picked up her messenger bag and her purse. Was she imagining it, or did she detect a note of worry in Rufus’s tone? “I’d love to come back. I want to browse through the books, and I’m sure it’ll take more than one trip.”

“Soon, I hope.” Rufus smiled at her, a hint of a flush creeping into his cheeks.

“Soon,” Bonnie promised. She walked to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn’t give way.

“Oh, hey, hang on a sec, I’ll be right there,” said Adam. “Sometimes the door sticks.”

“Yeah, when you slam it shut like that,” Rufus countered.

Bonnie gave it another good jiggle, hearing Adam’s footsteps behind her. A moment later, she screamed as a knife sailed through the air and pinned part of her sleeve to the door.

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