Meet the Circle

Welcome to the Coventina Circle!

“Make the world a better place by living your path” is the Coventina Circle’s motto.  Reality often interferes.

Meet the individuals with whom you’ll be spending your time, “in perfect love and trust”:

The Circle

Coventina Circle is comprised of women. They do mixed work with other circles and covens, and have open rituals for some of the holidays, such as Yule or Beltane.

Diana Merrivale — specialties: Diana can do a bit of everything, which is why she is the High Priestess of the circle. She enjoys dream work, and is strong in that. She studied with some of the best teachers, during the time when alternative paths thrived in New York. She is the oldest, and the established leader. Sometimes, she can be a bit bossy, although she adheres to the principles of not interfering with another’s free will. She will, however, push them in the direction she feels best. Married to Greg. They own an apartment in the western part of Greenwich Village. (protagonist of DEADLY GROVE).

Morag D’Anneville — specialties: tarot, herbs, aromatherapy. Works on Broadway, as a dresser. Has worked in theatre professionally since she was 18. She went to college at NYU. Owns an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her family “getaway” is in Sandwich, MA. Has two cats, Pandora and Mnemosyne. (protagonist of PLAYING THE ANGLES)

Amanda Breck — specialties: tarot, animal totems, anything physical. She has a black belt in karate, and errs on the side of confrontation, rather than caution. She works her own schedule as a freelance graphic designer, and has her own dog-walking/pet sitting business. Lives in a tiny studio apartment on Amsterdam Avenue, a few blocks from Morag. (protagonist of RELICS & REQUIEM).

Lesley Chase — specialties: path working, shaman work, soul retrieval, meditation. Joining the circle and studying with them gave Lesley the courage to break away from her abusive husband, Carl Douglas. She took back her maiden name in the divorce. She studies yoga and meditation, with an eye to someday turning that into her profession. Her current job is in the office of a high-profile foundation that gives grants to visual artists. Lives in a rent-controlled apartment on Manhattan’s East Side. (protagonist of GRAVE REACH).

Sylvie Nicolson— specialties: plants, herbs, music, loving kindness. She is the youngest member of the circle. Quiet and shy. Tries not to do harm to anyone or anything EVER, which is close to impossible. She is a harpist. Her “day job” is working in a florist’s shop. She lives with two roommates up in Inwood, in a big, prewar building near the George Washington Bridge. (protagonist of THE BARD’S LAMENT).

The Outer Court

The “Outer Court” refers to individuals who are not members of the circle, but who study and work with the circle on a fairly regular basis. At some point, one or more of these individuals may join the circle (if someone leaves, or if the circle decides to expand). Or, they may chose to work with another circle, and leave with blessings. The Outer Grove will grow as the series grows.

Bonnie Chencko — specialties: she can hear ghosts, and connects well with animals. Originally from Baltimore, she sublet Morag’s apartment on the Upper West Side. She has studied with several circles in various traditions. She is the youngest of four sisters. Attended Skidmore College, and did a year at Oxford University in the UK. Her job as an assistant editor to Moon Phase Press in Greenwich Village brought her to New York. She has a pair of Yorkshire terriers, Daisy and Dulcie. (protagonist of THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY).

Hartley Crain — specialties: building things from scratch and making things grow. He’s attractive and knows it, but is also lonely and tries too hard sometimes. Protective and a loyal friend, he’s still trying to find his way in the world. He bought a farm in upstate New York, although he comes down to NYC to participate in open circles. He farms organically and tends his orchard. He also got in trouble when his sister suffered during chemotherapy, because he grew marijuana for her use. She did not survive. (protagonist of Book #7, title TBA)

Greg Merrivale — specialties: he can make fix anything that’s broken. Diana’s husband. Because he’s on the quiet side, people tend to forget he’s there. He is good-natured (to a fault) and supportive. That is sometimes mistaken for weakness, but Greg is not weak. His day job is with an accounting firm that specializes in nonprofits, and he volunteers at a soup kitchen at least once a week. Lives with his wife, Diana, in their west Greenwich Village apartment. He works with the Outer Court of Coventina, and also works with a men’s circle, Inner Huntsmen.(protagonist of DEADLY GROVE).