Relics & Requiem

Relics & Requiem
The 3rd Coventina Circle Novel

Amanda Breck’s complicated life gets more convoluted when she finds the body of Lena Morgan in Central Park, identical to Amanda’s dream. Detective Phineas Regan is one case away from retirement; the last thing he needs is a murder case tinged by the occult. The seeds of their attraction were planted months ago, when Phineas investigated an attack on Amanda’s friend Morag. Now, fate is determined to draw them close. But can they work together to stop a wily, vicious killer, or will the murderer destroy them both?

Digital Release October 30, 2018

Print Release TBA
Published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press
$3.99 Universal Buy Link

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Susanna answered the door, smiling. Her black pencil skirt and plum cashmere sweater made Amanda feel awkward and underdressed in her black jeans and oversized black sweater. “Thanks so much for coming,” Susanna said.

“You’re welcome.” Amanda stepped into the hallway, papered with dark green flocking on a lighter green. A carved wooden staircase led to the next floor. “Wow.”

“This place is pretty cool,” said Susanna. “I’ll give you the tour after you see the artifact. It’s down here, in what used to be the parlor.”

She led the way to a graceful, high-ceilinged room that looked more like a set for a Masterpiece Theatre Mystery than a New York City apartment.

“The cabinet is here,” she said, pointing to a glass-fronted cabinet with a series of drawers underneath. “Oh, hello, Dean,” she added, as a young man wearing wire-rimmed glasses joined them. “This is my intern, Dean. Dean, this is Amanda Breck.”

“Hi,” he mumbled.

“Hey,” said Amanda. She looked at the cabinet, full of oddities including skills, strange carved knives, a handful of ishbatis, some scarabs, a metal bowl with Celtic symbols on it, a drinking vessel made out of horn with runes on it, and plenty of things she couldn’t identify. The whole cabinet felt exhausted and resentful.

I’d be pretty pissed too, if I was torn from home and put on display, she thought.

She felt a brush against her neck, like a cool touch. She didn’t need to turn; she knew, from the reflection in the glass, that no one corporeal was behind her.

“This is it.” Susanna opened the top drawer and pulled out a white cloth. She unwrapped an ecru-colored object that had been whittled down to a point on one end.

I hope I’m wrong. Amanda frowned. “What is it?”

“A dagger,” said Dean. “Made out of a human femur bone.”


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