Playing the Angles

Playing the Angles
The First Coventina Circle Novel

Witchcraft, politics, and theatre collide as Morag D’Anneville and Secret Service agent Simon Keane fight to protect the Vice President of the United States — or is it Morag who needs Simon’s protection more than the VP?

Witch and theatre professional Morag D’Anneville is annoyed when she’s assigned to dress the conservative Vice President as he makes a surprise appearance in his favorite Broadway show. Even more irritating, she has to teach Agent Simon Keane, part of the security detail, the backstage ropes in preparation. A strong attraction flares between them which they both recognize is doomed, and Simon must also fight his superior’s prejudice that Morag’s beliefs make her a threat to the Vice President. When Morag is attacked, Simon’s loyalties are torn between protecting the man he’s sworn to protect, and protecting the woman he loves.

Released October 2017 digitally
Print release date To Be Announced
Published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press

[Note: This book was originally released as ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT under the Annabel Aidan pseudonym. Sections have been revised for this release}.

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Within the book itself is an article about “Theatre Ghosts” that is only available in the book.


“Pardon my bluntness, but Beers is an idiot. Either the show can run
the way it is supposed to and the Vice President can enjoy being a Broadway star like he’s always wanted, or we’re in lockdown. Then the VP might as well go out at intermission with a cane and a top hat to tap dance.”

“You know that’s not how he wants to do it.”

“Then your team is going to have to meet us halfway.”

“I am not the problem!” Simon’s temper rose. He resented the
schoolmarm act.

“I know that. Believe me, I am unbelievably grateful that I’m
dealing with you and not someone incapable of comprehending the complexity of all this and finding a way to make it work. But I want you to understand everything that’s going on.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Simon said through gritted teeth.

“I know. I’m emphasizing the point.”

Simon glared at her. For a moment, he thought he was going to reach out and shake her. In the next instant, he realized what he wanted to do was kiss her. Pull her into his arms, touch his lips to hers, and feel her body against his.

They stared at each other for a moment. He saw an instant of shock in her eyes, followed by comprehension, followed by thoughtfulness. His own thoughts and emotions were in such a muddled state that he stepped back, to put a few feet of physical distance between them.

He’d nearly crossed a line, and he wanted to. He wanted to touch her and kiss her. Not in an abstract way, as when he observed an attractive woman in passing and spent a moment or two wondering what she was like naked or what she enjoyed in bed. He specifically wanted Morag.

It was entirely inappropriate.


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