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“Make the world a better place by living your path” is the Coventina Circle’s motto.  Reality often interferes.

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You can follow each book from concept through publication on the Ink in My Coffee blog. The blog covers my writing journey, beyond the books in this series.

The Coventina Circle is a (fictional) urban coven set in twenty-first century New York City, and the backdrop for the Coventina Circle Paranormal Romantic Suspense novels by Devon Ellington.

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Learn about Coventina, a Celtic well goddess of healing.

Meet the members of the circle, who are central to the series. Each book has a different set of protagonists central to it, on their quest of danger and love. But the circle members weave in and out of each other’s stories, since they are so vital to each other’s lives.

Each book has a section devoted to the unique elements in its story. For instance, PLAYING THE ANGLES, the first book in the series, has information about theatre, theatre ghosts, the show within the book on which Morag works, and where she meets Simon, and aromatherapy. THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, the second book in the series, will have information on New York City’s early history as New Amsterdam, the city’s legacy of second hand book stores, and haunted New York. And so forth and so on. There is also at least one article in each book’s back matter that is unique to the book and the story, and only available in the book.

There is a “Recommended Reading” list with ever-growing suggestions of books that will interest you if the topics in the books interest you.

New York City is a character in the book; place is as important as people here. I hope you’ll share my love for some of my favorite places in this amazing, vibrant city. Yes, I’ve created fictional places; but I include many real ones, too.

There is a Media Room, where you can read excerpts from the books, download media kits, and find links to articles, blog posts, reviews, and more.

Learn more about Devon Ellington on the About the Author page.

Please note that any rituals or incantations included in the series were created for the story itself. They are fiction to serve a piece of fiction. Elements may seem familiar, and their inspirations are found in material available to the public. In certain cases, where lost grimoires or manuscripts are mentioned, the books and their contents are fiction, created to serve the plot and the characters. No oaths of silence or secrecy have been broken.

If you are interested in more information on tarot, full-moon meditation, The Wheel of the Year, herbs, etc., please visit Cerridwen’s Cottage.

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